Our Vision

First Congregational Church, Rochester, Massachusetts

“You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength.”

--Jesus, Mark 12:30 (NLT)











WE SENSE . . . the possibilities of new life in Jesus!

Approaching the “Church on the Green,” we sense the possibilities of new life in Jesus. The atmosphere at First Congregational Church of Rochester is warm and welcoming, thriving and vibrant. It says that if you’re looking for a place to honor and humbly serve Jesus as Lord, welcome home! Throughout the Tri-Town and surrounding communities, this church is known for being the place where people follow Jesus intentionally, love unconditionally, serve selflessly, and worship joyfully.


Our “Welcome Team” enthusiastically and creatively greets everyone who enters the building and serves as the “go to” people for current and upcoming events around the church. Our well-maintained sanctuary celebrates its history while providing an innovative, inspiring worship experience. This church believes in prayer, and evidence is everywhere—before, during and after services. Stimulating music, both contemporary and traditional, enhances each worship service. These are offered at a variety of times to meet the needs of the community and the growing congregation. Worship teams sing passionately about how Jesus sets us free from a selfish lifestyle.


Our exuberant, dynamic preacher brings relevance to an easy-to-follow Bible message that ignites a Monday-to-Saturday connection to life for young and old alike. The service is being streamed live on our state-of-the-art website and available on social media.

The message resonates with newcomers, and it draws them into a closer relationship with Jesus. People are inviting friends and relatives to come and share in the worship experience with our loving church family. Everything we do and are enhances God’s reputation for excellence.








WE HEAR . . . the sound of laughter breaking down the walls of silence!

There’s a buzz in the air. We hear the sound of laughter breaking down the walls of silence and replacing them with contagious love. Spirit-filled relationships are the heartbeat of First Congregational Church. One scan of the church campus tells the whole story: folks are happy to be here. People of all ages are making their way to the Common Grounds Café—meeting this morning in the Outdoor Pavilion—where they

gather around the wood-burning fireplace to engage in spirited conversations about the Sunday message.


One Life Group gathers in a corner of the Pavilion to discuss the numerous gift cards they will distribute during the week as an expression of FCCR’s appreciation for the municipal servants and teachers who care for the Tri-Town and surrounding communities. Another Life Group composed of young adults shares a laugh with a visitor who seems to be of a similar age. Children play in the picnic and trail area that abuts the open-sided Pavilion, an obviously popular place for the church and the community, no matter the season.


Christ-like love is contagious at FCCR. Word on the street is that this church is all about the community: Good Samaritan clothing and food distributions, young people assisting the elderly, Operation Christmas Child, AA meetings, a summer movie night and other events on the Green, and even the prospect of a Senior’s dance. There’s life both day and night at this church. FCCR is fast becoming the hub of authentic Christian community in the South Coast.





WE SEE . . . the light of truth cutting through the darkness!

At First Congregational, we see the light of truth cutting through the darkness! The truths of the Bible are being fleshed-out for 21st century living as we constantly seek to reevaluate and address the needs of the community. Men coaching men, women mentoring women, and the church body equipping youth and children, all to become fully-functioning followers of Jesus. In Bible studies, people of all ages are learning together to live like Jesus and to pass that learning on to others.


Our biblical journey starts with worship, where people are being encouraged to develop a stronger and deeper relationship with Jesus and with one another. Growing numbers of men, women, young adults, youth and children gather at various times during the week and at special times during the year to learn together the scriptural principles that lay a solid foundation for practical living. As a result, families are strengthened as they learn to walk in the influence of the Holy Spirit. People are learning to effectively recognize and overcome spiritual obstacles to their faith.


Seasoned leaders engage emerging leaders, teaching them how to spearhead effective ministries while also ensuring leadership roles remain rooted in the Bible. As a result, increasing numbers of visitors from the community are moving from curiosity to commitment. To accommodate the growing congregation, plans for a new state-of-the- art education complex are in the works, designed to equip people of all ages with the biblical skills to face challenges in a new generation and emerge victorious.





WE FEEL . . . the strength of a loving hand training us to serve!

FCCR feels the strength of a loving hand training us to serve at home and abroad. Our Fellowship Hall serves as the hub of the South Coast Mentoring Complex, reminding us of God’s Great Commission to develop fully-functioning followers of Jesus. Young and old alike are identifying their unique, God-given design that prompts them in practical ways to serve God creatively at church, in their workplaces, and at school.


Each quarter, people trained in following Jesus mentor and coach others to effectively share their faith. The result is increasing numbers moving from curious attendees to committed participants. At FCCR, every member is a minister waiting to happen! Each event and use of the church campus is designed to reach others for Christ. Electronic monitors strategically positioned around the campus display opportunities to come together around common interests, and a “Bridging Team” helps to partner with other churches in shared ministries. Global impact is vital to FCCR, and up-to-date information about the local and worldwide missions we sponsor is front and center.


We are a church where ordinary people are living extraordinary lives for Jesus. When it comes to this church getting the word out about Jesus, the sky’s the limit. When the Spirit whispers, “Whom shall I send?” people are responding, “Send me.”